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Here’s a sonnet I made out of found material online. It was taken from the cesspool of personal ads from Craigslist. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go wash my hands.





I am looking for someone to be with,

I am good looking and available.

I prefer someone younger than myself

someone who is tall, and charming, and stable.


Thought I would give this thing a try.

We will just have to play it slow to start,

and I’m about 6 foot tall with brown eyes,

looking for a girl with a big heart.


If you are still reading this, you must know

I need someone to connect to, and to talk to.

Please describe yourself, and attach a recent photo

Looking for the girl of my dreams, it could be you.


Message me for an amazing connection.
If you are serious, then let’s see what happens.


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